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Dandelion part 2

BLOG   15 2019 JAN. Seems like thinking of Dandelion all day yesterday inspired me to write a bit more on the plant that is so hated by lawn grower enthusiast.  Funny how us humans love to destroy or put things into extinction because it does […]

Dandelion part 1

Winter, burr, something hot to drink is my mantra. There is a lot of down time when winter hits and for me this year we are making products for spring. It’s a good time to re-think ideas and throw out ones that have no value […]

Wake up and feel life today

It is a few days before the New Year of 2019 and I am always up so early in the morning and use this time to reflect and give gratitude. That sounds like such a mulled over statement these days, almost as if you are saying hello out of habit. What makes reflecting and giving gratitude different these days for me is the intention and heartfelt energy I put into this special time.

2018 was drastically different. I was in Seattle recovering from a bone marrow transplant procedure. The whole ordeal took almost a year to go through. 2017 We had just bought a beautiful, peaceful sixteen acres that was a canvas for a dream of mine to live out the last part of my life with the retired horses – I did equine/canine bodywork for over 15 years. My husband supported me all the way and we started building loafing sheds and pastures. Then in May 2017 I was diagnosed with AML, leukemia and my world came to a halt as far as living on the farm.

I was given three months to live if I did not seek out treatment right away. As much as I wanted to seek out natural methods and inner voice kept saying bone marrow transplant will cure you. So I listened and moved to Seattle with the help of two amazing families that housed me while I went through treatment. It was the hardest time in my life and my husband, and family as well. Yet I can only speak for myself in saying that it opened up a whole new way of looking at life. I spent years before learning many self help and spiritually tools to be a better me. All the tools came together for me during that year of 2017 and has continued to surround my very being. I have always been very spiritual but what I learned that would take me one step further is letting go and at the same time never push away the light whatever it may bring.

When I reflect, chant, pray, and give gratitude I have to feel it in my heart so that there can be that vibration in me that feels a connection. Just saying things out of habit should not be said.

You need to feel it and say it and put it out there.

Wake up and feel life today,


Joan Sorita

Holidays at Bermaga Farm

   Wet! Is the magic word this time of year on our beautiful small farm in Montesano, Washington; it has been a huge work in progress We extended our shelters for the horses, added sand to the round pen, also added sand and rubber mats in […]

Inhalation with Aroma & Animals

Written by Joan Sorita Hey Everyone, I wanted to write about a question I get asked a lot when using application methods using aromatherapy with animals and people. Well, the title of this blog kind of gives it away. As simple as it sounds, there […]



I wanted to share with you some interesting essential oils and herbs that can help you build your immune system, fight infection, depress a cough, and fight a fever. I am not a doctor and I am not prescribing anything here. This is for learning purposes and also my experiences with these plant medicines.

  1. Garlic, crushed and exposed to air creates an ingredient called allicin.  This is a number one essential oil and herb to be effective in fighting pneumonia and infection.
  2. Elderberries- you can make a syrup with these berries. They boost immune and help stop a cough. It’s a great herb to feed to your chickens along with seaweed granules or seaweed powder.
  3. Mix Eucalyptus and bergamot essential oils to fight fever and respiratory issues.

Here is a recipe for Elderberry syrup.

1 cup dried elderberries

1 cup apple juice

2 cups water

½ crushed black pepper

9 grams Licorice root 

2 tablespoons rose hips

1 Tablespoon Rosemary dried

Honey to taste

Directions: put in saucepan elderberries, apple juice, water, black pepper, rose hips and licorice root. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. Stir and turn off the flame. Add Rosemary and stir. Cover pot for 30 mins and then strain with a cheesecloth.

Add honey to taste. You must refrigerate this recipe. It should last two weeks.

It is best to take from 1 tablespoon two times a day or if you’re really sick you can take up to 4 to 6 tablespoons a day for a short time. Meaning four days in a row. Taking a lot long term is not advised by a herbalist. 

Garlic can be very strong, especially the essential oil. I have to put the EO in an outdoor place like a refrigerator because the smell is so strong. Yet it fights infection and this oil is like gold when it comes to health. Animals when very sick will self select this.

If you are going to use this essential oil with an animal please let them self select it.

If it is not accepted then do not use it on the animal.

Eucalyptus radiata is an essential oil that can be used for respiratory issues, you can also use Eucalyptus globulus. It also helps fight fever. If you add Bergamot and Eucalyptus together you have a powerful synergy to aid both issues.

Recommended blending details. 

You can use water and aloe gel liquid in a 2 ounce spray bottle.

Add five drops of Eucalyptus and five drops of bergamot.

Shake and spray in the air. 

Caution: most animals do not like the smell of Eucalyptus so make sure you have a place the animal can leave the room while using the sprayer.

You can also boil water and inhale the steam with essential oils.


Directions of use for inhalation only.

Add 10 drops in total of any of the above essential oils that are resourced and documented to be antiviral fighters. 

1 cup steamy water.

Stay safe everyone.

Joan Sorita

Certified Aromatherapist for animals and humans


This morning I woke up around three and started to pray for the whole world and everyone in it. I really feel we are going through a big correction and the energy waves are changing on this planet due to our technology and fast pace […]

YLANG YLANG Essential Oils with Animals

                                             By Joan Sorita  Ylang Ylang Flower is distilled in a way where the collection of the product is done in sections. First off, I want to press the point that when you study an essential oil, herb or flower essence, it is for your benefit […]

Crab apple Flower Signatures

Bermaga Farm specializes in growing certain species of flowers, trees and herbs. The story behind how this all came about will be in my next blog, meanwhile I felt it very important to give you all some helpful hints on Crab Apple Flower Signatures and how very powerful these essences are.

Always keep in mind that what we create here on Bermaga Farm is always for the animal and you.  My montra is connecting animals and people together for the common good of this earth.

Animals and Crab Apple, okay here we go! There are two questions people ask me about flower signatures, one is why would I use crab apple on my dog or myself? The second question is how does it work? Ah, very good questions! I have a 3 min video that our team made to explain how signatures work. You can find that video here. In brief, they are the essence of the plant that holds valuable information and triggers the actions it can do to create well being with a body. It first will address the Bio energetic system and then it can aid in the well being of the physical and emotional body.

For the animals that would need Crab Apple, you can see the body language of the animal or person in a state of feeling unclean, having obsessive behavior, and irritation. You might see irritation on the skin due to over cleaning or due to nervousness. This is different than having an allergy to foods or environments, so make sure you can tell the difference.

Some other keynote words for an animal or person needing Crab Apple are:

  1. Unorganized, cluttered thinking, stresses and has some anxiety.
  2. Crabby, and when approached might be irritated.
  3. Fussy eater, fur loss or skin irritation.
  4. Wants to eat and sleep in the same places and needs a routine for feeling safe.
  5. OCD is short for obsessive compulsive disorder and it might come out more with cleaning or cleanliness. Excessive licking can be a form with an animal. Licking floors, walls and themselves.
  6. Animals and people may really dislike being dirty.

When using Crab apple Signatures it can have some pretty significant transformational actions. The crabbiness can diminish, and a more focused mind could appear. This can decrease anxiety in the mind that has to do with clutter, and being unorganized, 

It can also reduce skin irruptions and irritation due to excessive nail biting, licking or self mutilation.

It is very important to keep in mind that when dealing with strong behavioral habits it takes some behaviour training or therapy to support healing. For animals, using a positive reinforcement method like filling a kong toy with a treat and giving it to the dog when you see the dog licking or starting OCD symptoms is very helpful. This way you break the thought pattern and keep their focus on positive action.

This December Bermaga Farm is promoting Crab Apple Flower Signatures. If you go to our store at  You will receive 20% discount.  If you buy over $50.00 of any product on the store you will receive a nice burlap tote bag as our thank you gift.

Happy Holidays

Joan Sorita

Fall is here…

Now that the weather is turning colder I have more time in the mornings to write a little about what is going on with Bermaga Farm, Therapy Corner Store, and my classes on Animal Aromatics and our Flower signatures grown and harvested right here on […]

Chicken Red and Essential Oils

Using Melaleuca to treat a hen’s injured foot.


Easter is this weekend and you can feel the energy in our gardens on our farm. With the blooming of flowers and the reaching stems of the peony, to the trees waking up and showing the teasing look that winter is over and a new chapter in life begins. The grass is getting away from us and out of control. I keep wanting to mow but it keeps raining. So this morning I gave in and was looking for herbal recipes and came across this delicious syrup that would bring much conversation to your Easter table.

Ready, here we go!

You will need violet flowers, chemical and pesticide free. They are growing everywhere right now, so if you’re lucky you can hand pick them. Glass bottle that will hold 2 cups of liquid. Clean water, organic sugar, lemon juice.

Recipe as follows:

  1. 2 cupfuls and remove the stems
  2. Boil 2 cups water in a pot
  3. Turn heat off and add the violet flowers, cover and set over night.
  4. Next day, strain your violet infused water. You can use cheese cloth or wire mesh strainer.
  5. If you get 1 cup of violet liquid you add 2 cups of sugar.
  6. Put on heat and stir until sugar dissolves. You can use the same pot.
  7. DO NOT BOIL, you will lose the beautiful blue, violet color.
  8. 5 to 10 drops of lemon juice. Lemon makes it more violet.
  9. Store the syrup in a glass jar, not plastic. Keep in refrigerator.
  10. It can keep up to 6 months in the refrigerator.

How to use the syrup.

You can add it to drinks such as lemonade, or hot teas. You can pour a few tablespoons on vanilla ice cream or cheesecake. It taste great on pancakes or waffles and if you still want that maple taste, just add it to your maple syrup.

Think out of the box and enjoy it on a slice of lamb or add it to your sliced ham at the table.  

Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

Joan Sorita

Animal Aromatherapist


                               CORNFLOWER (Centaurea cyanus) Herb – dried flowers for teas. (Human internal use only) do not take if pregnant. Hydrosol – To be sprayed and applied topically, sometimes  taken orally if animal self selects. What is a hydrosol? Hydrosols are not water with drops of […]