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Dandelion part 2

BLOG   15 2019 JAN. Seems like thinking of Dandelion all day yesterday inspired me to write a bit more on the plant that is so hated by lawn grower enthusiast.  Funny how us humans love to destroy or put things into extinction because it does […]

Dandelion part 1

Winter, burr, something hot to drink is my mantra. There is a lot of down time when winter hits and for me this year we are making products for spring. It’s a good time to re-think ideas and throw out ones that have no value […]

Wake up and feel life today

It is a few days before the New Year of 2019 and I am always up so early in the morning and use this time to reflect and give gratitude. That sounds like such a mulled over statement these days, almost as if you are saying hello out of habit. What makes reflecting and giving gratitude different these days for me is the intention and heartfelt energy I put into this special time.

2018 was drastically different. I was in Seattle recovering from a bone marrow transplant procedure. The whole ordeal took almost a year to go through. 2017 We had just bought a beautiful, peaceful sixteen acres that was a canvas for a dream of mine to live out the last part of my life with the retired horses – I did equine/canine bodywork for over 15 years. My husband supported me all the way and we started building loafing sheds and pastures. Then in May 2017 I was diagnosed with AML, leukemia and my world came to a halt as far as living on the farm.

I was given three months to live if I did not seek out treatment right away. As much as I wanted to seek out natural methods and inner voice kept saying bone marrow transplant will cure you. So I listened and moved to Seattle with the help of two amazing families that housed me while I went through treatment. It was the hardest time in my life and my husband, and family as well. Yet I can only speak for myself in saying that it opened up a whole new way of looking at life. I spent years before learning many self help and spiritually tools to be a better me. All the tools came together for me during that year of 2017 and has continued to surround my very being. I have always been very spiritual but what I learned that would take me one step further is letting go and at the same time never push away the light whatever it may bring.

When I reflect, chant, pray, and give gratitude I have to feel it in my heart so that there can be that vibration in me that feels a connection. Just saying things out of habit should not be said.

You need to feel it and say it and put it out there.

Wake up and feel life today,


Joan Sorita


Easter is this weekend and you can feel the energy in our gardens on our farm. With the blooming of flowers and the reaching stems of the peony, to the trees waking up and showing the teasing look that winter is over and a new […]


                               CORNFLOWER (Centaurea cyanus) Herb – dried flowers for teas. (Human internal use only) do not take if pregnant. Hydrosol – To be sprayed and applied topically, sometimes  taken orally if animal self selects. What is a hydrosol? Hydrosols are not water with drops of […]


ANGELICA ROOT  (Angelica archangelica)

  • Essential oils-root
  • Hydrosols-root
  • Herb, root, seeds
  • Essences, elixirs- Flowers
  • When distilled they can use the whole plant for essential oils.

This is a must have in your medicine box !

My whole career with animals and humans has been very complex at times. My main goal with my work was to administer good quality and good customer service. My father would instill in me at a young age to do the very best you can in whatever job you have. He also made it clear that communication and connection with people truely show your love for your work. Taking a little extra time to go that extra mile makes all the difference in the world. It not only shows your passion but you learn more by digging in deeper to the project or event you are working with.

Here is my point, A common issue I had and still have when working with animals were ones that were shut down emotionally and physically due to either pain, isolation, trauma, disease, or medications; are given to keep the animal sound for competitions and even environment where they are kept or live in. The hardest situation is when it involves the who they live with and it is not really the right fit.

That is why I have chosen the share Angelica Root. We bought this plant in 2018 and it was shipped to us from California. In Pacific Northwest the growing season is short and we do not have a small greenhouse yet to start seeds. I know there are other ways to start seeds in your home with heating pads and window seals but we live in a cottage attached to our work barn so you could imagine the limited living space. When the Angelica arrived you could feel some kind of feeling or energy from the plant and the leaves were very attractive. My Husband Robert is the green thumb and keeps our happy plant family thriving.  I am the maintainer, harvester, dryer and potion maker. The plants talk to him and I am learning how they talk to me. Both my husband and I became very connected to the Angelic plant and could not wait to see how it grow in stages. We chose containers the first year to grow it in. This is so Rob could move it around the garden to see where it liked to live. The first year it does not bloom that amazing flower. You have to wait another year, darn it! Also it is still in containers and hopefully this spring we can put it in the ground. Knowing that the roots can get very deep concern me about the quality of plant life we are working on here. The roots can only go so deep in a container. I have been using Angelica root essential oil and hydrosols for years. I also use the herb root in my liniment I make for animals and humans. My friend John Easterling (Amazon John) told us that you must establish a real connection with the plant itself to really know what it can do. By doing this you will become more intuitive, learn how to listen and it can be a wonderful exercises for meditation with nature.

HISTORY:  It is native to Scandinavia. Although I have found that some herbalist say it originated from Africa and came to Europe in the 1400’s and was used for treating the plague.

It is called the oil of angels. Sometimes it can be called the holy ghost because of its effects it has on such deep emotional releases from the soul or even subconscious. It is said it can bridge heaven and earth. It can connect the seventh chakra to the first chakra creating a grounding effect. So I would put this plant in the energetic, emotional and physical category of uses.

USES: The biggest use I have found in my work is to use it with animals and people that are shut down. In survival mode, tuned out, out of body or older animals that are hardened from either pain or trauma that has not been released. The angelica root has very grounding effects and can bring you or the animal into the now. The oil can put you in a trance like site. You must be patience with the actions and results when working with this oil.


  • Older Animals that are hardened due to pain or trauma.
  • Fear
  • Holding on to trauma from a long term issue, such as in childhood, or surgery,
  • Training, seperation, heart broken.
  • Exhausted from being nervous all the time.
  • Chronic anxiety.
  • Instills peace.
  • Grounding
  • Opens up the animal to work on transitioning due to trauma or end of life.


  • Stress due to digestion or pain issues.
  • Immune stimulant, this can be due to old age, to much stress, pain, and convalescing.
  • Encourages lymphatic movement.
  • Aids with circulation.
  • You can add this to a liver tonic blend or use by itself.
  • Aids with decreasing swollen joints as in arthritis.
  • Increases healthy lung function.
  • Decrease muscle spasms.
  • Aids in a restful sleep.
  • Unwanted fungal, bacterial or viral activity.




Photosensitive, can be photo toxic when applied undiluted. Avoid use in diabetic animals and people due to interfering with sugar levels and diabetic medications.


There is a lot of valuable information on Angelic root but I thought I would just give you a simple look at what the plant is and how I use it in my work.

When an animal does not want to select any essential oils, you might want to offer the Angelica root oil first. The animal may not be ready for other oils if we are dealing with emotional issues. With dogs, I leave the cap on the bottle and offer the oil that way.

If that is too strong and your animal is turning away but leaving its nose pointed to you, the animal might be saying, I want this but from this distance or dilute it and offer it again. The animal might come closer or there might be no change. If you have the resources offer it in hydrosol form. If you still do not get a reaction and you have been patient looking and reading body language that you might want to offer one more hydrosol or water from cornflower, (Centaurea Cyanus). Read about the Cornflower on my next blog.

If you have any experiences yourself with Angelic root with animals please write me.

Many Blessings

Joan Sorita


                                 HYDROSOL FOR ANIMALS AND PEOPLE Bay Laurel, is the common name and Laurus Nobilis is the latin name. This essential oil is not in the common mainstream use, as where peppermint and lavender would be. I decided that it might be a good plant […]


I have been spending a lot of time on the internet in the wee hours of the morning so I can get my education on pigs, especially the KuneKune pigs. I finally went to the Kunekune pig association website. The Kunes are considered a heritage […]

Self selection Aromatic session

Koda the Alaskan Klee Kie                             

For those of you that do not know this breed of dog they are miniature alaskan huskies dogs.

They are really a distinct breed of their own and are very verbal and use their body language to talk. Dogs in general use their body language but these dogs are very animated with their bodies and if you are not getting the message they are trying to convey they will make a bigger point in expressing what they are trying to tell you.

I was called to a beautiful home in Elma, Washington with a fabulous layout for a backyard for the dogs. The parents of these dogs have gone beyond the scope of providing a big yard so their dogs can get a lot of exercise. One of their dogs Koda had a neck injury and they found it through having an MRI done.  Of course there were symptoms of head bobbing and limping in the foreleg.The veterinarian recommended some bodywork and physical therapy exercises for Koda and that is where I came into the picture. When I arrived at their home I was greeted with loud and continuous barking. It was non-stop for a good ten minutes. I thought it would be best to choose a place where Koda felt comfortable, like on his bed or in the room he felt most relaxed.  I felt that Koda was trying to tell me I was not wanted and that any place in the house he would rather I stayed out of. Probably the front door would have been more to his liking.

I was there to palpated all the areas on Kodas body to feel for heat, tenderness, decreased or increased  range of motion. I also wanted to see the way he walked around and trotted around.

I thought to myself before I began, that I would take out an essential oil. I only brought a few with me but thank goodness I had some Vetiver on me. I opened the bottle and put it on the ground to let him choose if he wanted to smell it or not. He did come forward and touched the bottle with his nose, did a few licks walked away for two feet and turned around to face me and layed down.

I used that quite time to talk with his mom and dad about how he got his injury and went into detail about his health history and his personality. I also noticed there were a lot of treats involved with Koda. Treats are a great reward for positive reinforcement, although Koda was great at constant positive reinforcement if you get my drift.

When I started to palpate I started from the shoulder and went very slowly trying to stay along each side of the spine and watching for tender areas that might cause aggression.  Koda did go after my hands almost the whole session and this was very challenging. I was able to palpate all of Koda, find the areas that needed work and massage as long as I could. Koda let me know when the window was up and I stopped. With animals and the work I do, the rule for me is stop when things are positive. When you come back to work again they will remember where you left off. I gave the parents home work which they are diligent about and waited to hear back from them.

To tell you the truth I did not know if I would hear back. Koda was not to happy with me coming over and directing traffic with my hands on him. I felt badly and wanted to be liked by Koda. Definitely a humbling situation. You also have in the back of your mind that if the dog was not please with my presence then the parents of the dog might not approve as well. So I always feel when it comes to being in the now with an animal and parents, to be honest and graceful with my words; and be very open to how its all going to end up.

I have also learned through the years not to take it personally. Number one, you need to go with what is best for the dog. Number two the parents of the animal really need to feel comfortable as well because you want them involved with the healing therapy process.  Part of being honest with massage and aromatic work I do is to admit my limits and refer to other professionals that might be a better match.

Five weeks later I got a call from Koda’s mom and asked if I would come back and work with Koda using my essential oils and essences. Her daughter would also be their with her dog that caused the neck injury and thought it might be a good way to see the interactions between the two dogs, plus her daughter was very interested in the aromatic work.

In this blog I do not want to go into a case study detail account of everything, I just wanted to share with you the subject of animal aromatics and the power it has.

I arrived at their home in the morning and the daughters dog greeted me barking and checking me out. Koda was in his kennel very quite and lying down. I went to sit of the couch making sure I was above Stella the female dog. Remember Stella is the visiting dog and Koda is the resident dog. Stella feels that when she comes to visit that she needs to act as the head role of the house. She has intimidated Koda to the point that even if Stella gets kenneled and Koda wants to go to another room he makes sure he passes far away from stella’s kennel and will even go in between furniture to stay in a safe zone. Stella was first to have a chance to choose essential oils, flowers elixirs and herbs. I also offered her Roman chamomile dried flowers which she like and placed them in the corner of her kennel.

The essential oil she was very positive for was vetiver (vetivera zizanoides) it is made from the roots of grass. It has a very sedative effect on the nervous system. Stella would take a sniff, back off, take another sniff and would start to roam around the room. I had her mom offer her the oil  thinking she would be more comfortable taking the oil from mom. She slowly calmed down and we were able to have her go in her kennel and bring Koda out.

We offered Koda the vetiver as well and that was a very positive reaction. I put eight bottles on the floor in hopes he would select a few more. My comfrey elixir was among them and he selected that bottle right away. I opened the bottle and put 6 drops in my hand and he lick it straight away. Koda wanted more so I gave him a few more drops for several times and he just loved it.  I went back to the vetiver and diluted it in fractionated coconut oil and used one drop of vetiver. He really loved the oil dilution and was very into licking everything off my hand.

Now that the dogs selected their plant medicine it was time to let the magic begin. Ten minutes past and the tension in the room calmed down a lot. I was able to talk with both the mother and daughter about resources, and maybe suggest some simple problem solving methods that I learned working in shelters and kennels. Within 20 minutes Koda was sitting right by my side and very quite. It was like day and night with his reaction towards me. Stella was in her kennel lying down and watching everything but after a while she placed her whole head in the chamomile dried flowers and laid there so she could smell the aroma. I made up some bottles of diluted vetiver and left my comfrey flower elixirs with them. I feel it was a great time to depart and I was so pleased to see a huge change in both animals.

I checked in the next morning to see how things progressed through the day. The parents left to run errands the rest of the day and the daughter stayed home with the dogs. Both dogs were out of the kennels and seemed to leave each other alone. Of course they were supervised the whole time. The morning I checked in with them the dogs were still doing well and everyone was in agreement that there was a big shift with the essential oils and herbs. Now the daughter is going to contact a dog trainer , behavioral specialist just to learn how to make things better when she comes to visit mom and dad with her stella. There still has to be a re-pattern of training with the dogs, but the aromatic work  lifted the negative emotional side of things so we could make a good start in repairing a healthy pack of dogs in their family.

By the way, Koda will remember me now by the aromatic work. When I come to visit him next time I will bring my oils and will massage him. The aromatic work will give me a bigger window of time to work on his muscles.

For more information or consultation with animal aromatics contact me.

Joan Sorita            425-877-4824

Ginger the pig

I was going to a friends home to chant with people on a Sunday of Jan. 2019. Before I left we had the kindest man come and put up dividing walls up for our horse shelter in the lower pasture. My husband bid me farewell […]

TCS Liniment

Herbs, Essential Oils & Bio Energetic waters. Why they work! I have used so many liniments through the years and have found them extremely useful for muscle recovery. There are liniments that have a cold effect on the muscles and its purpose would be to […]

Lulu’s Dryer Balls

Lulu’s Dryer Balls

Bermaga Farm sheep have a very good life and we want to make sure that their wool is used for a good and healthy purpose.  Every spring we have our sheep sheared and we harvest the wool that is clean. We will mulch the dirty wool in the garden and the clean wool is used to make dryer balls.

Did you know that wool dryer balls can help decrease the time you dry your clothes and reduce

Static not to mention eco-sustainablity. Our farm cleans the wool with biodegradable gentle detergent and we do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. We than card the wool with combs and shape the wool into balls which are then wash and dried three times. I have done a lot of research on companies that sell dryer balls and a lot of them use toxic chemicals to get them perfectly white. Some companies have gone to petroleum based rubber or plastic type of dryer balls. We support the hand crafted small farm biz way and we want to share this belief with others; spreading the word about wool, organic, and sustainability.

SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS Like Bermaga Farms LLC in Montesano Washington.

Lulu is the name of our head ewe and we are proud to have her be a part of the sustainability of promoting the wool industry. We do not harvest our sheep for meat and we only keep a small amount of sheep so we can manage what we have. Having a small herd also gives us a chance to connect and have a relationship with our flock. By the way they loved to be massaged.

Tip of the day:   If you would like essential oils mailed with your dryer balls just request it.Our aromas includes, Rosemary, lavender, lemon, orange. We have a blend named whisper that is amazing. It is one of my favorites beside orange.

Directions for use of essential oils on dryer balls.

Add 6 drops of essential oil to your dryer balls before putting them in the dryer. If you feel your dryer balls have seen better days, put essential oils on them and place them in your clothing drawers or shoes

Meet the Flockers…

front – Thelma, middle – Lulu, and back – Ziggy