Embrace life, it’s worth it

BLOG  2, 2019

I was excited to wake up this morning, yes, it is winter here in Pacific Northwest and the weather here is that – damp cold that gets into your bones. Sometimes only a hot shower or soaking bath and into bed is the only thing that will warm your body up. This week here on our Bermaga Farm is sunny, although it’s cold in the mornings it’s also invigorating and electric.

I look at each day from a different perspective since my bone marrow transplant. I am here because I want to live life and love life. I still have more to do on this earth and I have a second chance to make it happen.

I love connecting animals to people and guiding people to their inner connection with the animal world and all it’s healing powers. Nature is overwhelmingly a mirror of our creator, a powerful life force that commands our respect. We as people on this earth are guardians of the earth and everything on it and in it. Each one of us can do what we can to support the guardianship with our gifts we have been given.

Our Bermaga Farm is a gift from our family to anyone out there that is like minded. We want to share our knowledge and receive others knowledge. We want to plant our herbs and grow our wondrous Peony and Iris flowers for the essences and elixirs to share with animals and people. Helping people with our gifts of bodywork, herbs and aromatics are a way we can express our guardianship.

I can not forget the horses that come to our farm for rest from their demanding performance careers or the horses that need a retirement spot. Sometimes there are those horses that just need our farm for a transition period. When they are here they are loved and are given the respect; to be a horse. They all have their own personalities and boy do they really get enhanced when they come and stay on the farm for a while. It takes them a good month just to let down their stress and get in to a routine. Even the horses that come here that are shut down mentally, open up and let go. When they have a more natural environment to move in, eat freely in the pasture and are among other horses that do the same their herding instincts really kick in and that is what triggers that inner voice and inner personality of what that horse really is.

We have the horse on our farm that is the greeter, then there is the horse that has to make sure everything is in its place and everyone is accounted for. We have the anxious horse that has been in his stall all his life and has to be outside all the time because it grounds them. There are the older horses that have some senitality issues and forget for a moment where they are  but suddenly see or hear their pasture buddies and join up with them for the rest of the day. We get to witness a network of horse communication that goes on all day, everyday here on Bermaga Farm and we definitely receive a gift from it. The gift of connecting with nature and opening up ourselves for learning and sharing from it.

To sum it up, find one thing in nature that you are connected with and really look at the gift it holds. The patterns, the messages and the divine love that is in each little miracle we are a part of. Nothing last forever here on earth, so I am embracing it, are you?

Joan Sorita

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