Dandelion part 1

Winter, burr, something hot to drink is my mantra. There is a lot of down time when winter hits and for me this year we are making products for spring. It’s a good time to re-think ideas and throw out ones that have no value and magnify the ideas that bring good works to the table. This 2019, Bermaga Farm is working towards Flower Elixirs for animals and people. The bioenergetics of the flowers are bound to water that capture messages from the plants. The water holds these messages and when you use these waters on or in a body they will work on the energy system which is the blueprint to the physical body.  These waters can support dispelling negative complaints and magnify the positive side. Balancing the energetic system.

This morning I woke up to frost and was thinking yellow. A color that is warming and healing. When I am in the sun it seems to take away tension. Brings forth joy to my soul.

It made me think of all the Dandelions that grow on our farm. In spring that is the first plant to get eaten by the sheep and horses.  I make a vinegar with the flowers. You can use the whole plant for medicinal purposes. This year we are going to share our Dandelion Elixirs and Sprizters for animals and people.

Today I will hold the yellow color in my head mind. I will think of warmth and less tension. I will look at the beauty of the yellow dandelion flowers and all the memories I had from my childhood from it. Making wishes and blowing the puffy cotton globe, braiding the long flower stems into a headband.  Watching the bee’s drink from the flower. Another connection to nature from a plant that is also known as lions tooth.

This is not  a weed but another gift from the earth to use respectfully it’s healing powers.

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