Lulu’s Dryer Balls

Bermaga Farm sheep have a very good life and we want to make sure that their wool is used for a good and healthy purpose.  Every spring we have our sheep sheared and we harvest the wool that is clean. We will mulch the dirty wool in the garden and the clean wool is used to make dryer balls.

Did you know that wool dryer balls can help decrease the time you dry your clothes and reduce

Static not to mention eco-sustainablity. Our farm cleans the wool with biodegradable gentle detergent and we do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. We than card the wool with combs and shape the wool into balls which are then wash and dried three times. I have done a lot of research on companies that sell dryer balls and a lot of them use toxic chemicals to get them perfectly white. Some companies have gone to petroleum based rubber or plastic type of dryer balls. We support the hand crafted small farm biz way and we want to share this belief with others; spreading the word about wool, organic, and sustainability.

SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS Like Bermaga Farms LLC in Montesano Washington.

Lulu is the name of our head ewe and we are proud to have her be a part of the sustainability of promoting the wool industry. We do not harvest our sheep for meat and we only keep a small amount of sheep so we can manage what we have. Having a small herd also gives us a chance to connect and have a relationship with our flock. By the way they loved to be massaged.

Tip of the day:   If you would like essential oils mailed with your dryer balls just request it.Our aromas includes, Rosemary, lavender, lemon, orange. We have a blend named whisper that is amazing. It is one of my favorites beside orange.

Directions for use of essential oils on dryer balls.

Add 6 drops of essential oil to your dryer balls before putting them in the dryer. If you feel your dryer balls have seen better days, put essential oils on them and place them in your clothing drawers or shoes

Meet the Flockers…

front – Thelma, middle – Lulu, and back – Ziggy

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