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Herbs, Essential Oils & Bio Energetic waters. Why they work!

I have used so many liniments through the years and have found them extremely useful for muscle recovery. There are liniments that have a cold effect on the muscles and its purpose would be to decrease swelling and get rid of heat. There are liniments that are warm and put heat into a region where you want more blood flood and circulation and your warming the muscle. Then there are what I call natural liniments that go on without being hot or cold yet the herbal benefits can slowly draw heat or cold down a traumatic region. Depending on the herbs in liniments used will direct the purpose such as nerve pain, spasm, muscle tightness, soreness and increase range of motion.

Here is a tip I learned when taking an herbal course in 2018 from  Not all herbs work for the same issue on animals.

You need to get a little health history on the animal and find out about their constitutional makeup. What do I mean about constitutional makeup? Does your animal run warm, and has dampness in the skin and tongue, or is the skin cold and dry. Not all bodies function the same temperature, energy, and hydration. Here’s an example: what if you are always feeling hot and your one of those people that does not need to wear a jacket where most of the people around you do. Your best friend on the other hand is always cold and has cold hands and feet. They have to wear jackets and are always having to stay warm. This is where the body will tell you that certain herbs will work better for one person or animal than another.

When TCS decided to make the liniment we chose herbs and essential oils that animals have self selected for certain issues and yet we also added synergistic herbs that can have an overlapping effect. Meaning if one herb like German Chamomile does not work as well on a spasming muscle than black pepper or ginger. You might want to overlap to enhance the herbs to work together to decrease the spasming muscle. The German chamomile is a cooling and calming herb were the black pepper or ginger is a warming herb yet still can decrease the muscle in spasm. So if you had a cold or hot constitution the liniment would work because of the circle of synergistic herbs and essential oils.

How did I know if the animal liked the selected herb or essential oil.

This is a common question I get all the time. Body language is one way of showing interest or lack of interest in aromatics. When offering an herb or oil you want to know a little bit of what you are offering the animal. For instance with horses that have anger issues or they are young and have temper tantrums the chamomile family would be my first go to for offering a horse. If they like it they will try to lick it out of a bowl or even eat it. Most animals will turn away and let you know they have no interest in smelling the aromatics. Although depending on the species turning away could be a sign that they need that distance to inhale the aromatics and feel comfortable at that distance. Patience is a virtue when using self selection methods with animals.

How I came about making this TCS liniment is due to self selection with horses. I used many batches on my clients horses and was always changing the formula until it was pretty much selected most of the time by the horses and was very effective. I do not skimp on the portion of the herbs used in the liniment because the value of this liniment is shown by the actions and results of the animal on which it is used. Meaning quality not quantity. Animals don’t lie!

Let’s take the herb Calendula, (Calendula officinalis)

This is a marigold, cheerful and warm looking. It is edible.

Animals that are suffering from skin disorders and stomach disorders might select this herb. I have had my sheep come in to my herb garden in the winter and eat the leaves from the calendula plant. Winter is a transitional time of eating on our farm. Less grass and more hay which means digestive changes.  Calendula is also amazing for the skin and has many uses for skin issues. I found it helpful in the TCS liniment for calming the skin down while having to use other herbs that could irritate or over stimulate the skin.

Here is an interesting fact about saponins that are found in calendula.

Saponins that are found in the marigold plants are compounds and these saponins are very effective in which they can neutralize the tannins in acorns that can cause acorn poisoning. Saponins also have some steroidal properties and can help allergy related skin disorders.

This was one of the herbs the horses loved and I figured I could use it because not only will it help the skin it will help tissue repair on all levels.

Don’t forget that  herbs like essential oils and floral water also aid with emotional issues. Another topic to chat about.

Rose buds – Dried herb    Rosa damascena

Horses love Rose buds, but more so I find that dogs and cats love to play with the heads. This is a great herb to encourage play with animals. Rosebuds are another herb that helps calm and clean the skin. It aids in cell repair.

I always have a bag on hand to bring when dealing with rescue animals, or animals that are emotionally shut down.If they eat the buds do not worry. They are very very popular with cats and kittens. A lot of mares will select the Rose absolute essential oil, rose buds or hydrosols when in season.

Rabbits and rodents will eat them and they are such a treat.

The rose essential oil is the most frequently chosen by all animals.

Some of the actions Rose bud dried flowers are:

  • decrease Anger. resentment
  • birthing, newborns
  • hormone balancing-females
  • rejection
  • trauma
  • unwanted memories
  • Increases playfulness
  • wonderful for skin balancing
  • cleanser for the skin


Angelica root –  (Angelica archangelica)

I use the root in my TCS liniment. This herb is native to Scandinavia and was once used as a vegetable as well as a medicinal plants.

Angelica root offers different reactions than Angelica seed. It is the root that has the medicinal strength.     

Emotionally it instills calming-peace and opens up an animal when there has been an emotional shutdown. If you have tried other herbs and essential oils and the animal is nonrespondent than angelica would be highly recommended to use. After the animal has processed the aromatics of the Angelica you might want to try and offer some of the other herbs or essential oils again. Angelica root is also an herb that has been used for transition preparation and ease of emotional pain. It is a vessel to help move things forward.


Arnica – (Arnica Montana)

I use the root and the flower.

When arnica was chosen during the self selection stage, it was already macerated in coconut or almond oil. Meaning that the herb was soaked in the base oil for four weeks and this is called maceration. That was the state of the arnica when the horses selected the oil. It was not selected dried. Although they did not turn away from the herb and gladly inhaled it and move away; where as in the macerated form, they wanted to inhale and lick the oil. I am always very careful with the arnica because there is a contraindication of it being toxic. There has been a debate for a long time on ingestion of this herb. So I always side on the air of caution.

Arnica  has been known to stimulate uterine contractions.

Great for joint pain, inflammation, arthritis and muscular injury.

It also can help with emotional shock from past or present.

You can macerate the arnica with a base oil, which is a simple and effective way you can use it for a muscle rub

JUNIPER BERRY- (Juniperus communis)

I love these berries they are powerful little creatures that can help flush fluid retention out of the body. If you do body work on people or you get body work yourself bring a bottle of juniper berry essential oil and get a massage with it.  Although when using the essential oil they can use the whole plant and when they do this IT IS CALLED JUNIPER OIL. It moves stagnation out of the muscles and joints areas. It can assist with the movement of uric and lactic acids that can get stored in the muscles after a hard workout of trauma.

The berries are more potent. Romans used them for controlling diseases and disinfecting the air.

Early records show that writings on these berries have been written in Black’s veterinary in 1928 and it quotes its use as a diuretic in cases were the urine is scanty or minimal. You can use this herb for problems involving the urinary tract. Although you should really know what is going on when urinary issues arise. Use your doctor’s advice

I love to use the juniper berries in my liniment because the horses not only love the smell of the berries but as I mentioned aids with flushing of the lactic and uric acid from the muscles.

SAW  PALMETTO -( Serenoa repens )  

Great for the urinary! Prostate! Why would I use this in a liniment. A lot of the horses and dogs like the smell of it. Some try to chew it.  Like the Juniper berry it is the fruit seed that has the power. I did further research on this plant and it is known for enhancing better hair growth

It aids smooth muscle strengthening. I feel since the horses like this herb I would add it to the liniment as an enhancer and supporter for the juniper berry and for the increased hair quality and muscle support.

The Saw Palmetto comes from the dwarf or fan palm and these are grown in florida, southeastern US.

HOPS    (HUMULUS lupulus )      Essential oil form

This is not in my liniment but I love this plant and wanted to share what it does. Hops  is underrated and under used. In today’s world we have some many dogs that are dumped in shelters for whatever reason.   A lot of dogs become aggressive in the kennels and start to dominate in a confined area. This can cause many spiraling issues with behavior such as one being aggressive. Kennel stress is another common problem which can affect eating disorders for an animal. They get so anxious that they gulp their food as fast as they can. Sometimes this can lead to vomiting.

Hops comes from the flowering vine that originated in Northern Eurasia but it is now cultivated in temperate zones throughout the world. There is such a thing called wild hops and they grow in the lowland forest.   

The actions of hops are remarkable. Great for anti anxiety and sedative effects.Hops is closely related to hemp and together their sedative effects are very potent. This is a great favorite of Dogs!

Hops are one of the most potent oestrogens of all the plants and it is an oil that is recommend to all spayed dogs. The compound that is powerful in the hops is PRENYLATED FLAVONOIDS. Hops can directly lower testosterone levels in the testes and bind with testosterone in the bloodstream thus decreasing levels more. This action is a cause to use with aggressive males especially those that are bred to fight. Or those dogs that have been trained to guard incorrectly and need help with retraining. Animals that so sexual aggression can be helped by this herb.

Hops was known for its effect on oestrogen when historically it was ingested by monks to suppress their natural urges of the flesh. So they would drink large quantities of beer to resist temptation. Girls that work in the hopfields a lot can begin their menstruation cycles sooner. Boys that drink beer chronically in large quantities can develope feminization of the male body.

The bitter substances in the hops have antibacterial, antimycotic-fungal, and spasmolytic-which relieves smooth muscle problems effects.



These waters have been infused with electronic hrtz that would resemble a region in the body that vibrates at that frequency. Muscle fibers have their own frequency and this liniment has the muscle driver in it to help muscle recover in an energetic form. We have taken the TCS liniment up to the next level where no one else has done this.

There are more herbs in this liniment that I did not write down for you, but the just of this blog was to give you a small inside look on how I came up with formulating. Herbs are amazing and yet we need to be careful how we use them. Just because they are natural does not mean they are safe. We have put a lot of research and field work into the TCS liniment for it to be as effective as it is.  We are so proud of the quality of our herbs. Knowing they come from our farm grown organically and from local vendors that take pride in ethical growing.

In summary TCS liniment  can be good for muscle recovery, can help fungus subside, flush toxins and uric and lactic acids through and out of the body, stimulate cell repair. Decrease muscle spasm.

Increase a better emotional outlook, calm and have a sedative effect on the animal, decrease swelling and decrease heat out of a region on the body due to injury or trauma.


Massage topically on the sore region or whole body.

Spray or spritzer.


Wrapping limbs for overnight use.

Inhalation for emotions.


Can not be used on open wounds.

Can not be internally taken.

Do not apply in eyes, ears, mouth, nose.

This is not a substitute for professional medical care.


Joan Sorita LMP  L/SAMP

Certified Aromatherapist for animals and people

NAHA Level two

Nes practitioner

Educator on Aromatic Animal Science

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