ANGELICA ROOT  (Angelica archangelica)

  • Essential oils-root
  • Hydrosols-root
  • Herb, root, seeds
  • Essences, elixirs- Flowers
  • When distilled they can use the whole plant for essential oils.

This is a must have in your medicine box !

My whole career with animals and humans has been very complex at times. My main goal with my work was to administer good quality and good customer service. My father would instill in me at a young age to do the very best you can in whatever job you have. He also made it clear that communication and connection with people truely show your love for your work. Taking a little extra time to go that extra mile makes all the difference in the world. It not only shows your passion but you learn more by digging in deeper to the project or event you are working with.

Here is my point, A common issue I had and still have when working with animals were ones that were shut down emotionally and physically due to either pain, isolation, trauma, disease, or medications; are given to keep the animal sound for competitions and even environment where they are kept or live in. The hardest situation is when it involves the who they live with and it is not really the right fit.

That is why I have chosen the share Angelica Root. We bought this plant in 2018 and it was shipped to us from California. In Pacific Northwest the growing season is short and we do not have a small greenhouse yet to start seeds. I know there are other ways to start seeds in your home with heating pads and window seals but we live in a cottage attached to our work barn so you could imagine the limited living space. When the Angelica arrived you could feel some kind of feeling or energy from the plant and the leaves were very attractive. My Husband Robert is the green thumb and keeps our happy plant family thriving.  I am the maintainer, harvester, dryer and potion maker. The plants talk to him and I am learning how they talk to me. Both my husband and I became very connected to the Angelic plant and could not wait to see how it grow in stages. We chose containers the first year to grow it in. This is so Rob could move it around the garden to see where it liked to live. The first year it does not bloom that amazing flower. You have to wait another year, darn it! Also it is still in containers and hopefully this spring we can put it in the ground. Knowing that the roots can get very deep concern me about the quality of plant life we are working on here. The roots can only go so deep in a container. I have been using Angelica root essential oil and hydrosols for years. I also use the herb root in my liniment I make for animals and humans. My friend John Easterling (Amazon John) told us that you must establish a real connection with the plant itself to really know what it can do. By doing this you will become more intuitive, learn how to listen and it can be a wonderful exercises for meditation with nature.

HISTORY:  It is native to Scandinavia. Although I have found that some herbalist say it originated from Africa and came to Europe in the 1400’s and was used for treating the plague.

It is called the oil of angels. Sometimes it can be called the holy ghost because of its effects it has on such deep emotional releases from the soul or even subconscious. It is said it can bridge heaven and earth. It can connect the seventh chakra to the first chakra creating a grounding effect. So I would put this plant in the energetic, emotional and physical category of uses.

USES: The biggest use I have found in my work is to use it with animals and people that are shut down. In survival mode, tuned out, out of body or older animals that are hardened from either pain or trauma that has not been released. The angelica root has very grounding effects and can bring you or the animal into the now. The oil can put you in a trance like site. You must be patience with the actions and results when working with this oil.


  • Older Animals that are hardened due to pain or trauma.
  • Fear
  • Holding on to trauma from a long term issue, such as in childhood, or surgery,
  • Training, seperation, heart broken.
  • Exhausted from being nervous all the time.
  • Chronic anxiety.
  • Instills peace.
  • Grounding
  • Opens up the animal to work on transitioning due to trauma or end of life.


  • Stress due to digestion or pain issues.
  • Immune stimulant, this can be due to old age, to much stress, pain, and convalescing.
  • Encourages lymphatic movement.
  • Aids with circulation.
  • You can add this to a liver tonic blend or use by itself.
  • Aids with decreasing swollen joints as in arthritis.
  • Increases healthy lung function.
  • Decrease muscle spasms.
  • Aids in a restful sleep.
  • Unwanted fungal, bacterial or viral activity.




Photosensitive, can be photo toxic when applied undiluted. Avoid use in diabetic animals and people due to interfering with sugar levels and diabetic medications.


There is a lot of valuable information on Angelic root but I thought I would just give you a simple look at what the plant is and how I use it in my work.

When an animal does not want to select any essential oils, you might want to offer the Angelica root oil first. The animal may not be ready for other oils if we are dealing with emotional issues. With dogs, I leave the cap on the bottle and offer the oil that way.

If that is too strong and your animal is turning away but leaving its nose pointed to you, the animal might be saying, I want this but from this distance or dilute it and offer it again. The animal might come closer or there might be no change. If you have the resources offer it in hydrosol form. If you still do not get a reaction and you have been patient looking and reading body language that you might want to offer one more hydrosol or water from cornflower, (Centaurea Cyanus). Read about the Cornflower on my next blog.

If you have any experiences yourself with Angelic root with animals please write me.

Many Blessings

Joan Sorita


  • I have a dog that we rescued from the humane society about 2 1/2 years ago. I’m not sure of his past other than I know there was trauma. He has made much progress with us but I feel like there is something we are missing. Maybe angelica root is the answer?!!

    • That is always a challenge when you do not know the past history of the animal.
      How does your dog disla the trauma or stress?

      Looks like you get a bottle of my comfrey elixir that will help unblock the energetic grid.
      It is for trauma. You can try a hydrosol for the Angelic the animals seem to really resonate with the hydrosol.

      Please send me your address so I can get that off to you and thank you for writing on m blog.
      Joan Sorita

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