CORNFLOWER (Centaurea cyanus)

Herb – dried flowers for teas. (Human internal use only) do not take if pregnant.

Hydrosol – To be sprayed and applied topically, sometimes  taken orally if animal self selects. What is a hydrosol? Hydrosols are not water with drops of essential oils, they are not flowers infused in the water. Hydrosols are a byproduct of essential oil distillation. Hydrosols are water that is separated from the essential oil. Water and oil do not mix. Hydrosols contain water soluble substances and constituents that are not found in essential oil. Hydrosols are measured by their PH range (2.9 Low to 6.5 High). They are always on the acidic end. You might want to go on the web and search for a video that shows you distillation of essential oils or how hydrosols are made.

Essences – fresh flowers harvested at certain times of the day or night. They must be solar or moon infused by the light. So if you have a night flower that blooms at night you must harvest it at night and infused it by the moons light. At our Bermaga Farm in Montesano WA we take the time using cut glass or crystal that has no lead in the material. We use a bowl that contains patterns and colors in the glass that holds positive energy. The prisms of the glass or crystals add more spectrum of light to the water and help the water bond the messages from the flowers to the water. Essences or Flower Elixirs hold the vibrational message makeup of the flower or plant material transferring it to water. When you drink the essence or Elixir the messages goes straight to the brain and processes the message. Than the magic begins. Read more on my next blog about Flower Essences and Elixirs.

HISTORY: Also known as bachelor’s Button. Men used to wear the flowers in their lapels or button hole by the collar to show their love for a women. If the flower faded fast the mans love was not taken seriously.

Queen Louise Prussia was fleeing Berlin from Napoleon’s troops and hid her children in a big cornflower field. She kept them calm and quiet by teaching them how to weave the flowers into head wreaths. Because of this story Germany made the flower their symbol of their country in 1871 when Germany became united.

Mr. John Hughes became a famous glass cutter and chose the blue cornflower as the theme for his cut glass bowls. As his art grew and became popular as his pieces became more refined. They are now a very rare find and considered vintage pieces. It also became the symbol for the porcelain cooking ware industry for corningware. So each dish had the flower on their cooking wear.

Although the history here had nothing to due with the medicinal actions of the flower, the energy of how this flower was used in history was and still is very powerful. The dried flowers were used for teas and still are to this day. It can be a mild diuretic and the bitter taste of the flower tea helps the constitution of the liver by supporting it as a tonic. Mainly the cornflower was use for eye issues.

ACTIONS:Aids in the reduction of swollen eyes when used as a compress or eye wash.

Helps with cataracts, and aids in calming, sedative, and trance like. This is why the hydrosol is offered at the end of a difficult aroma session. If you feel that the animal has not been selecting essential oils or hydrosols and is harden or withdrawn; a good idea would be to pull out the cornflower hydrosol. Although you could use it as the first selection if the animal chose it and you might be done with the session. Each session is so different, it is good to have an open mind and be flexible with its use.

I wrote a blog on Angelica root and its use as an opening essential oil or hydrosol because of its effects it has on the subconscious and the emotional system. It seems to open up deep little layers one by one to let go of trauma that was held or stored in the body.

Cornflower in a hydrosol can do the same thing as an essential oil, but in a subtle way and open your animal up to other hydrosol or essential oil selections. If you already know the animal is in a emotional shut down state, you might want to try the hydrosol cornflower first before offering anything else. You can also offer the cornflower hydrosol after a trauma, surgery or stressful event.

One more thing about essences.

Essences are a way to really use this powerful water for animals and people. You can spray the water on you or your hand and place it in the middle of your forehead. The reason being is the color and meaning of the flower also can correspond to your third eye chakra. If you feel that you should apply the essence somewhere else on the body than go for it. There is no right or wrong in application and location You can also take it orally up to 4 times a day. It is very diluted yet has the concentration of homeopathy to have effective actions. The cornflower water essence can deliver these benefits.

  1. Decreases social anxiety that is attached to – ugly trauma and feelings of not being worthy. Helps the feeling of isolation slowly dissipate.
  2. Opens up emotions that are related to an animal or person in a hardened state; shut down due to emotional long term pain. Think about how long term or chronic pain can make an animal or person cranky, angry, and short tempered. The animal or person can lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. This essences can create a crack in the window to let the light in.
  3. Animals and people are very drawn to the Indigo blue cornflower with eye issues such as cataracts or vision issues such as short sightedness.


The color of the Indigo Cornflower is used to open the third chakra. The cornflower hydrosol can be blended with lavender and witch hazel for cleaning wounds, cuts, or bites. It has a cooling effect on the skin. Cornflower water alone when used on hair after a shampoo can enhance the shine.

Bermaga Farm will be growing and harvesting Cornflower elixir this 2019 summer.

We are so excited to raise these flowers which are on the endangered list due to wild harvesting in the meadows where they grow. Our valley in Montesano  Washington is a pleasant environment for the Blue cornflower. It is also a pollinator which we are big supporters of. We will keep you posted when it is captured and bottled. This is a must have in your medicine bag.

Many Blooming Blessings

Joan Sorita



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