Fall is here…

Now that the weather is turning colder I have more time in the mornings to write a little about what is going on with Bermaga Farm, Therapy Corner Store, and my classes on Animal Aromatics and our Flower signatures grown and harvested right here on our farm. Of course I can not leave out our family of animals that bring light and laughter to our world.  It is also a good time for me to do more research.

This morning I had so much fun watching one of my favorite soap crafters and her youtube videos. Ariane Arsenault has been around for a while and I have had the pleasure of watching her business grow. I think it is important to find people out there that have a successful business model you can learn from and take the things you resonate with and bring it to your work. I am not a soap maker but I am a formulater of liniments, ointments, and aromatic products. I have learned a great deal from Ariane about where to get products from plant waxes to packaging to some formulations. 

I love her videos and how she shares her passion and yet she keeps you wanting more.

Mostly what I learn from Arianne is consistency in her work and quality. 

Every Fall I pick a new word that I can meditate on and this fall it will be consistency.

This is a hard concept for me to follow and always has been. I am a gal who loves to change things up because I get bored. Well, I guess I can say I am consistent about changing things up. Nothing wrong with that. My goal is to get a little deeper about the details of putting more content and classes out there for the world to learn and share about Animal Aromatics, dried herbs, and bodywork with the animals.  

So tell me if you dare, what is your one goal this fall?


Joan Marie Sorita

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