Crab apple Flower Signatures

Bermaga Farm specializes in growing certain species of flowers, trees and herbs. The story behind how this all came about will be in my next blog, meanwhile I felt it very important to give you all some helpful hints on Crab Apple Flower Signatures and how very powerful these essences are.

Always keep in mind that what we create here on Bermaga Farm is always for the animal and you.  My montra is connecting animals and people together for the common good of this earth.

Animals and Crab Apple, okay here we go! There are two questions people ask me about flower signatures, one is why would I use crab apple on my dog or myself? The second question is how does it work? Ah, very good questions! I have a 3 min video that our team made to explain how signatures work. You can find that video here. In brief, they are the essence of the plant that holds valuable information and triggers the actions it can do to create well being with a body. It first will address the Bio energetic system and then it can aid in the well being of the physical and emotional body.

For the animals that would need Crab Apple, you can see the body language of the animal or person in a state of feeling unclean, having obsessive behavior, and irritation. You might see irritation on the skin due to over cleaning or due to nervousness. This is different than having an allergy to foods or environments, so make sure you can tell the difference.

Some other keynote words for an animal or person needing Crab Apple are:

  1. Unorganized, cluttered thinking, stresses and has some anxiety.
  2. Crabby, and when approached might be irritated.
  3. Fussy eater, fur loss or skin irritation.
  4. Wants to eat and sleep in the same places and needs a routine for feeling safe.
  5. OCD is short for obsessive compulsive disorder and it might come out more with cleaning or cleanliness. Excessive licking can be a form with an animal. Licking floors, walls and themselves.
  6. Animals and people may really dislike being dirty.

When using Crab apple Signatures it can have some pretty significant transformational actions. The crabbiness can diminish, and a more focused mind could appear. This can decrease anxiety in the mind that has to do with clutter, and being unorganized, 

It can also reduce skin irruptions and irritation due to excessive nail biting, licking or self mutilation.

It is very important to keep in mind that when dealing with strong behavioral habits it takes some behaviour training or therapy to support healing. For animals, using a positive reinforcement method like filling a kong toy with a treat and giving it to the dog when you see the dog licking or starting OCD symptoms is very helpful. This way you break the thought pattern and keep their focus on positive action.

This December Bermaga Farm is promoting Crab Apple Flower Signatures. If you go to our store at  You will receive 20% discount.  If you buy over $50.00 of any product on the store you will receive a nice burlap tote bag as our thank you gift.

Happy Holidays

Joan Sorita

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