This morning I woke up around three and started to pray for the whole world and everyone in it.

I really feel we are going through a big correction and the energy waves are changing on this planet due to our technology and fast pace of thinking. Always have to do something, thousands of ideas, got to have this, got to buy that, me, me ,me. Well what about all the souls we are connected to? Did we forget about them?  Souls of humans, animals and nature. So I prayed for forgiveness of all this selflessness and prayed for forgiveness and healing of the earth.

Something told me to open a friend of mine’s blog ( White Witch Chronicles.) I love the pictures she uses. They are very comforting to me. I know my friend very well and have worked and been with her for over twenty years. She is good at whatever she puts her mind to because she has strong passions and she puts her passions into action. That is what we all should do no matter how big or small our actions, it will touch something or someone.

The White Witch is coming out with a new book which I can not wait to read. I know I will know some of the stories and some of the people but I also want to read the stories I do not know. She has a way of writing from her soul. I encourage you to go to her blog and connect.

The book is all about her work as an animal therapist and the stories the animals taught and told her. Animals do not lie, so I think we all could be touched somehow from this book.

Here is the link to her blog. https://whitewitchchronicle.com/

Have a beautiful day

Enjoy living in the now.

Joan Sorita

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