Holidays at Bermaga Farm

   Wet! Is the magic word this time of year on our beautiful small farm in Montesano, Washington; it has been a huge work in progress We extended our shelters for the horses, added sand to the round pen, also added sand and rubber mats in the shelters, and put up new heavy-duty pasture fencing. We extended the grazing pasture for our two adorable Kune Kune pigs and watched our new band of chickens grow as our sheep expanded into these enormous balls of wool. 

     We had our first Aromamatic practical Lab in the barn this summer. The people who came to learn also shared their passion and experiences, it was great to see them work on the animals. It was great to see such a diverse background of students with the same common goal. Be a healer for goodness, be a guardian of the animal world, and to share the do-gooding with their world. Thank you Northwest School of Animal Massage for making this all possible.

     I believe that this piece of land achieved its purpose in 2020, by allowing peace and calm for all who came here to visit. Yes, we had limited visitors this year but it all worked out since my family and team here on the farm work with the situation we have here. We had to rethink how to make things work, and believe me it took weeks to come up with plans. 

    This summer we had twenty-three horses and it was crazy. We had to turn people away and start a waiting list. In the summer Lars Mortenson trained all his horses on Bermaga Farm and he was full. It was a pleasure to watch him work in hand with the horses. Every October he moves to an indoor facility in Olympia, WA. The farm can start breathing again and let the pastures rest. Between the fires, training, rescues, and covid we only had time to tend to the animals. We were thankful to be able to be a part of helping all these animals on the farm, but we were also very tired at the end of the day.

    Winter is here and now my husband and I are getting creative this time of year by making music with our trio and videos for my love of aromatics with the animals. We are blessed to have Casey, my daughter, and Lars here on the farm and watch their gifts blossom. My son Ford is really liking his carpentry work and he does not know it yet but this summer we are going to put him to work. Ford is a huge dog lover and has two dogs and a cat in Seattle. Ford is blessed with a beautiful and compassionate woman Riko whom we adore. The animals are his children and they will go the extra mile to make sure they are well taken care of. Casey has busily expanded her work as an equine massage therapist and bodyworker. She has accomplished so much in a year with all the challenges. Traveling is a big part of her world with the horses so she is missed on the farm when she goes off for another adventure. I sometimes live my old life through Casey.

      2020 we were told by our horse farrier that this family had to move a few states away. They had this 29-year-old mare that their children grew up with and they were desperate to find her a home. Every night I would wake up and hear a voice saying this mare needs to live her last days on the farm. So I told that voice to send me a sponsor and I will make a place for the old gal. Once again Olivia Newton-John and her husband John Easterling came to the rescue and said they would sponsor. My daughter and a few other friends and I took a ride out to where the mare was and next to the mare was a sassy mini mare and a La Manche female goat. We asked where they were going and they said they have not found homes yet. They all have been together for around eight years. You could feel the mini and the goat’s thoughts. WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER! The whole group of my friends looked at each other as if we all heard what they said at the same time. It was freaky.

      So a week later we came and took them to their new home. It took them a month to adjust to our routine here on the farm. We also had to adjust to them as well. When horses come here they bring their baggage with them. Most of them take one to three months to adjust. That’s a whole other story. The main point is that horses need time to realize they can be a true horse here. You can feel them start to calm down and sink into the peaceful way of life here. We chose one of the three adoptees to do a Christmas picture with and Whinney the mini horse won our hearts. So here is our Holiday picture for all of you out there to smile at. Thank you for the sponsors that have helped our private rescue and retired farm for horses this year. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is a wish to continue next year.

Many Blessings

Joan Sorita and Bermaga Farm Team

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