Animal aromatics

Inhalation with Aroma & Animals

Written by Joan Sorita Hey Everyone, I wanted to write about a question I get asked a lot when using application methods using aromatherapy with animals and people. Well, the title of this blog kind of gives it away. As simple as it sounds, there […]


This morning I woke up around three and started to pray for the whole world and everyone in it. I really feel we are going through a big correction and the energy waves are changing on this planet due to our technology and fast pace […]

YLANG YLANG Essential Oils with Animals

                                             By Joan Sorita  Ylang Ylang Flower is distilled in a way where the collection of the product is done in sections. First off, I want to press the point that when you study an essential oil, herb or flower essence, it is for your benefit […]

Crab apple Flower Signatures

Bermaga Farm specializes in growing certain species of flowers, trees and herbs. The story behind how this all came about will be in my next blog, meanwhile I felt it very important to give you all some helpful hints on Crab Apple Flower Signatures and […]