Joan Sorita

TCS Liniment

Herbs, Essential Oils & Bio Energetic waters. Why they work! I have used so many liniments through the years and have found them extremely useful for muscle recovery. There are liniments that have a cold effect on the muscles and its purpose would be to […]

Lulu’s Dryer Balls

Lulu’s Dryer Balls

Bermaga Farm sheep have a very good life and we want to make sure that their wool is used for a good and healthy purpose.  Every spring we have our sheep sheared and we harvest the wool that is clean. We will mulch the dirty […]

Dandelion part 2

BLOG   15 2019 JAN. Seems like thinking of Dandelion all day yesterday inspired me to write a bit more on the plant that is so hated by lawn grower enthusiast.  Funny how us humans love to destroy or put things into extinction because it does […]

Dandelion part 1

Winter, burr, something hot to drink is my mantra. There is a lot of down time when winter hits and for me this year we are making products for spring. It’s a good time to re-think ideas and throw out ones that have no value […]

Embrace life, it’s worth it

BLOG  2, 2019 I was excited to wake up this morning, yes, it is winter here in Pacific Northwest and the weather here is that – damp cold that gets into your bones. Sometimes only a hot shower or soaking bath and into bed is […]

Wake up and feel life today

It is a few days before the New Year of 2019 and I am always up so early in the morning and use this time to reflect and give gratitude. That sounds like such a mulled over statement these days, almost as if you are […]