Flower Elixirs

For Cats, Dogs, horses, people and livestock animals.

1 ounce $18.00

We specialize in the flowers grown on our farm that have been chosen from around the world. Our flower garden was established by Dr. Hoot who originally owned our farm. Dr. Hoot traveled around the world collecting rare and specific varieties of peony, irisis, wisteria, crab apples, lilacs and tulip trees. All our flower Elixirs are solar harvested with intention of the imprint message in ozonated water and brandy.

Each Elixir has a specific message that address emotional and energetic body systems. Many people have been skeptical about flower elixirs or essences until they try them. This is also a great alternative for animals that are sensitive to smell, skin sensitive or have emotional issues that needs to be addressed before the physical issues.

Apply 5 drops in water, under tongue, on a treat or on the body 3 times a day for 21 days.

Yellow Iris Elixir: This elixir is like turning on a light bulb or letting the ray of sunshine into the Soul. Great for animals that are shut down emotionally

  • Complaints: Lacking self confidence, creative blockages.
  • Enhances: Creativity, uplifting, warm and calming character, supports optimism and self confidence. Encourages playful creativeness.

Purple Iris Elixir:

  • Complaints: Dullness, procrastination.
  • Enhances : Brings focus, unblocks old patterns, restoring a deeper more creative side. Supports harmony within.

Wisteria Chinese Elixir: Honored in China and Japan for bringing a feeling of peace and stillness.

  • Complaints: Never in the now, sexual traumas. Closed sexually.
  • Enhances: Living in the present, supports feeling comfortable in one’s own body. Aids in becoming more present, helps animals come into their bodies when feeling shutdown. Brings gentleness.

Pink Peony Elixir: There are many colors and varieties and each color has its message. The common message with all peony is abundance, magnetism and gratitude.

  • Complaints: Unsettled, unbalanced in love, closed heart, not being enough.
  • Enhances: Generosity, draws us to a sense of purpose, grace, patience.

White Peony Elixir: Tea is made from the roots or tubers and is thought to be one of the oldest flower herbs used in Chinese traditional medicine.

  • Complaints: Lack of patience, fragile thinking, flighty thoughts.
  • Enhances: Patience, balance of being fragile and supporting strength, cleansing.

Red Peony Elixir: Money flower. Remember it’s not about greed, it’s about sharing your prosperity with others so we all can be rich in our hearts and lives. This is a great essence for Animals and People that compete.

  • Complaints: Does too much, overachiever, amps out and can have the tendency to smother others that are not the same mind set.
  • Enhances: The energy of money, Draws attraction, can aid in balancing too much thinking. Calming down those that try to hard. Taking competitiveness down a notch.

Comfrey Flower Elixir: One of our top sellers for animals that had traumatic experiences. Animals and people that are shut down mentally.

  • Complaints: Abuse, unpleasant memories that won’t let go, wounds, scars, surgery that have painful memories. Changing environments, abandonment.
  • Enhances: Recovery and taking the edge off of anxiety due to trauma, heal old emotional wounds; brings up a calmness to let painful memories go.

Dandelion Flower Elixir:

  • Complaints: Lots of stress, holding tension, developing patterned tension held in neck and shoulder areas. Too much stressful thinking going on.
  • Enhances: Relaxation, aids in dissolving tension, making you aware of inner tension that creates holding patterns in the muscles. Take a small bit of time to relax for oneself. Wonderful detresser for animals.

Lilac Flower Elixir:

  • Complaints: Narrow minded thinking, stuck in ideas, stress with change.
  • Enhances: Flexibility, adapt quickly to changes, brings awareness to being open to another way of thinking or living in the environment your in.

Crab Apple Elixir:

  • Complaints: unorganized, clutter thinking which can lead to a cluttered lifestyle.
  • Enhances: Cleanliness, clears energetic pathways. Detoxer.

Cherry Blossom Elixir:

  • Complaints: To much going on, a resolve to no end. Toxic lifestyle.
  • Enhances: Prosperity, new beginnings. Starting over with a clean and clear attitude. Great for animals that have moved to a new home or environment. Great for pet owners wanting to start something new with their pet like travel, classes, competitions, a new visit to a new veterinarian.