The Farm
Our sixteen acre family farm sits in a small valley in Montesano Washington. This unique and peaceful property was given the name “Bermaga” after an old Apache word meaning “the planting moon”…according to Louis L’Amour’s novel “Hondo”.

Our focus is on educating, offering therapeutic bodywork services for animals, growing flowers and herbs for our therapy products for animals and people. Seasonal events for small weddings, celebrations, classes, and seminars. We are all about planting new seeds and watching them grow and flourish.

Our Community work
After 25 years of traveling around the country working on performance horses, donating time to dog shelters, and educating about animal bodywork, we felt it was time to create a place where we could share our knowledge and services to those that want to embrace it. My Husband brings his background of video editing, short films clips and music to the business to enhance our video clips, podcasts or customers projects.
We offer free community classes on basic animal massage for the pet owners in Grays Harbor.
We also offer 3 hour classes for a small fee on our farm and at various locations throughout the county.

Flower Power Garden
We have 2 acres that we dedicate growing flowers for effective floral elixirs and misters for animals and people; this is an ongoing process of learning and cultivating plants/flowers and always looking for better growing methods.

We are very attached to the varieties that we grow and excited to share them with the world. These wonderful botanicals are used to support emotional and physical complaints.

Herbal Garden
We have dedicated a smaller space for growing our herbs we use for making our liniments and body braces for large and small animals. Knowing that these plants were grown on our farm assures us that the plants are organic and handled with intuitive care.

Bermaga Barn
A space where we hold seasonal classes and set ups for seasonal small events through the year.
There is a therapy bay where you can bring your horse in out of the rain and we can work in a calm and clean environment.

Your canine companion also has choices of massage beds to lay on while getting a bodywork session. We try to make your dog comfortable and calm so we can help the body let down. We find that the body retains the therapy more effectively if there are less distractions, so we do our best to make that happen.

There is room for a small rehabilitation course to get your dog stronger and more flexible. Teaching you exercises that you can do at home to help your dog maintain its muscle integrity, fitness, and proprioception.

Equine Retirement
We have limited spaces for our retired or long term layup Equine friends.
They have outside loafing sheds with different size paddocks for their needs.
We have pastures that get rotated through the seasons for good parasite health and the health of the land. Even in winter the fields stay pretty good for their feet.
We believe that over grazing can be an issue so keeping the number of horses small on the farm is a choice we wanted to make for quality purposes.