For Cats, Dogs, horses, people and livestock animals. (NEW)

1 ounce $18.00

1/2 ounce $12.00

We specialize in the flowers grown on our farm that have been chosen from around the world. Our flower garden was established by Dr. Hoot who originally owned our farm. Dr. Hoot traveled around the world collecting rare and specific varieties of peony, irisis, wisteria, crab apples, lilacs and tulip trees. All our flower Elixirs are solar harvested with intention of the imprint message in ozonated water and brandy.

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TCS  Liniment for People, and horses and livestock.   (BEST SELLER)

All herbs are organic and either grown on bermaga farm or

Gathered from a farmer that practices organic sustainable values.

  • 12 oz                                                   $ 18.00
  • 16 oz                                                   $ 24.00
  • 64 oz – ½ gallon                                   $ 80.00

TCS  Dogs Liniment for people and all animals except birds. Comes in a gel form. All herbs are organic and either grown on bermage farm or gathered from a farmer that practices organic sustainable values.

  • 4 oz                                                       $8.00
  • 8 oz                                                       $12.00

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Hand sheared every spring on Bermaga Farm.                   

  • One Ball                                               $ 5.00
  • Mixed 4 balls                                        $ 15.00
  • One bag with essential oils                    $ 25.00

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FARM GLOW- Golden face serum (BEST SELLER)

Great for scars and skin rashes.

Made from 7 different types of oils that can be used on dry to oily skin. Two essential oils Frankincense and Hawaiian Sandalwood. Can be used on skin with acne and other rash issues. People can’t say enough about the farm glow and we are very proud of this healing oil.

  • Roll on- ½ ounce                        $ 20.00
  • Dropper bottle 1 oz.                    $ 40.00